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By Brandon Kleeves - Co-founder

In 2009, I embarked on a life-changing journey with AmeriCorps NCCC, where I served in Vermont on a project for the Nature Conservancy and The Dream Program. This experience sparked my passion for sustainable agriculture. After completing my service term, I worked for a property management company in Grand Rapids, MI. One evening, while researching global issues, I became enamored with the concept of sustainable communities. Inspired, I pitched the idea of a community garden to the Property Manager, which was approved, and I was given a budget to start the garden.

Although I had no prior knowledge of farming, my enthusiasm led me to build the garden with the help of other maintenance staff. This experience ignited my love for farming. With a vision to build sustainable communities, I realized I needed hands-on farming experience. I used my vacation time to work for free at the Kalamazoo Nature Center, where I learned about sustainable agriculture and farm management.

I eventually moved to Minnesota and worked on a dairy farm before joining an organic vegetable Farm in Arkansaw, WI, where I honed my skills in vegetable farming. David, the owner of the farm, taught me valuable lessons in farm systems and produce quality.

While working at the organic vegetable farm in Wisconsin, We started our first farm, facing the challenges of beginning farming firsthand. The constraints of limited resources and the high costs involved made me realize the difficulty of starting a farm from scratch. I briefly stepped away from agriculture to sell solar energy, but returned to farming, starting a new farm in 2020 with no debt or out of pocket investment, relying solely on pre-selling CSA shares. Through hard work and faith, we managed to pull off a miraculous season with God's hand.

In 2023, completed the development of our sustainable community model, which aims to integrate agriculture into multi-family apartment complexes to support farmers, reduce distribution costs, and build sustainable communities. Partnering with Fred Biltz, we founded Apex Partners, Inc. to fulfill our long-term vision of developing sustainable communities across the USA by purchasing farms, apartment communities, and land.

Our aim is to transform agriculture with an innovative model that guarantees farmers a sustainable income and access to land, all while addressing significant food challenges. This mission has been my life's work, and we're excited to see how God will use our company to benefit our communities and missionaries around the world.

Brandon Kleeves - Co-Founder

Brandon is a 3rd Generation Real Estate Investor, 2nd Generation Marketer, and 1st Generation Farmer, dedicated to creating sustainable agriculture models using God's systems. Beyond his professional pursuits, Brandon is a devoted family man with two children. He is passionate about raising money for missions around the world and spending time with his church family.

Fred Biltz - Co-Founder

Fred began his real estate journey in 2008, following a successful 20-year tenure as the owner of a tree service company. His mission is rooted in serving others, with a particular passion for his church and supporting global missionaries. Fred is happily married with one son.

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